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Video smoke detection

Early warning fire detection where conventional technology fails

Early warning fire detection
Large fires at waste disposal sites, SERO storage yards and recycling centers have become regular features on the news. Due to the easily inflammable materials it deals with, the waste industry is especially vulnerable to fire damage. In addition, the process conditions often make it difficult to employ reliable fire prevention measures.

State-of-the-art video detection applied
Nowadays, modern video image analysis technology has become a quick and reliable means of automated early fire and smoke detection. The system is even operable in open spaces where smoke is easily dispersed and traditional fire alarm systems fail. This innovative technology is therefore well suited for outdoor application, for instance in the prevention of forest fires. Another great advantage is that the smoke is detected at its source, and the alarm set off instantly, precisely indicating the affected area. Fast and effective fire fighting measures can be directed to the exact location of the fire, as, once it is spreading, it becomes more and more difficult to fight.

Detection of steam and dust
Another application for this technology is in process control, i.e. in the field of dust and/or steam detection in industrial and chemical facilities. It can be effectively employed in open storage areas/halls or manufacturing plants and functions just as dependably in the open as it does in drafty halls. Read more (link to steam detection)

A variable number of color or black-white standard cameras (possibly pre-installed) is linked up to the central data analysis unit, which is at the core of the system. Complex picture analysis algorithms are used to evaluate or assess the recorded video image signals for the presence of smoke or steam. Based on object and position/motion analysis the system automatically recognizes and distinguishes the typical indicators for spreading and moving smoke and will highlight a hazardous situation. Given certain parameters, the use of 3D-cameras detecting smoke could be a further innovative option. Whenever the set thresholds are reached or exceeded the early warning fire detection system sets off a warning or an alarm and transfers the trigger images and video sequences directly to the central control point for analysis of the situation. In contrast to human observation, the fire detection system operates day and night without interruption, and cannot be distracted. No matter how monotonous the vigil, it never shows signs of fatigue.

The individual parameters of the early warning fire detection system such as the degree of sensitivity and the reaction time are freely adjustable to suit the individual requirements of the specific application. Zones in which the production of smoke or steam is a regular feature of the process observed can be excluded. Furthermore, alarms can be assigned to designated areas to make sure that an alarm is not set off until smoke develops in more than one sector. The remote-controlled security system is weatherproof and can be coupled with external systems such as the control room or the central fire control panel.

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webinterface video smoke detection
Webinterface of the video smoke detection system.

video smoke detection in the forest
Video smoke detection in the forest.

Early fire detection in a harbour
Early fire detection in a container storage in a seaport.