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Video based steam detection

Detection of steam and dust

Industrial processes demand a high degree of precision, accuracy and safety. Steam leakages or the uncontrolled development of dust indicate conditions that can affect the production process negatively. Video detection enables remote observation and monitoring of these incidents, and effective measures can be taken immediately.

State-of-the-art video detection applied
Recent developments in video image analysis technology allow for reliable automatic detection of disturbances and hazards such as steam or dust. This innovative technology is, therefore, ideally applicable where steam, gas leakages and dust clouds can be visually detected and where counteraction must be fast. The system operates in open storage facilities/halls or in manufacturing plants. It achieves results as reliably in the open as it does in drafty halls.   One of the great advantages of the system is that an alarm is set off instantly for a designated area. The situation can be easily recognized, classified and assessed on the basis of the picture material available.

At the heart of the system, there is the data analysis computer unit, which is connected to a number of color or black-white standard cameras (also existing CCTV cameras). The recorded video signal is computer analyzed and evaluated by means of complex picture processing algorithms checking the data for any appearance of steam/dust. The object and movement tracking analysis automatically identifies the distinguishing features of the spreading steam/dust and its position, indicating any potentially dangerous scenarios.  Under certain circumstances 3D-cameras can be used as a further innovation in detecting smoke and steam.   Once the preset limits are exceeded, the early warning steam/dust detection system sets off a warning pre-alarm or alarm, transmitting the trigger images and video sequences directly to the control center for further analysis of the situation. In contrast to people the fire detection system operates day and night without interruption, and cannot be distracted. No matter how monotonous the vigil, it never shows signs of fatigue.

The individual parameters of the steam/dust detection system such as the degree of sensitivity and the reaction time are freely adjustable to suit individual needs of the specific application. Zones where the production of smoke or steam is a regular feature of the process observed can be excluded. Furthermore, alarms can be assigned to designated areas to make sure that an alarm is not set off until steam/dust develops in more than one sector. The remote-controlled security system is weatherproof and can be coupled with external systems such as the control room or the central fire control panel.

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webinterface video based steam detection
Webinterface of the video based steam detection system.

Steam leackage in a power plant
Early detection of steam leackages in a power plant.